Vaccinations & Testing


No appointment necessary

Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine: 

Tuesday & Thursday


J&J Covid 19 Vaccine: 

Monday - Friday

Other vaccinations are offered daily: Flu, Shingles, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Hepatitis, HPV, etc


15 min Rapid test - $49 fee 


You may submit your receipt and testing results to your medical insurance for reimbursement but we do not have a way to bill your insurance for the fee

Offered 9am - 5pm

(Monday - Friday)

How does the testing work:

1.  Pick up forms through the drive thru and pay for test

2.  After forms are finished, call us from the parking lot (501-470-9898)

3.  We will administer a nasal swab.  After 15 minutes we will call you with your results.

4.  If you need a form for travel or work let us know